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The Potter's Wheel Christian Prophetic Academy was established as a ministry training division of On Eagles Wings International Prophetic Ministries. Which has always been an itinerant prophetic ministry, with international ministry "partners" in other counties.

The need for a training course in the prophetic ministry, to effectively equip the Believer in Christ, was conceived in the heart of Neil in January of 1991. As the concept grew and developed through the past nineteen years into long months of research, personal study and practical experience in the prophetic ministry, the compiling of material was growing steadily into a variety of Study Programs.

Through these years of intensive work in writing, study and ministry experience, more and more we realized the importance of facilitating training material to the Church and in particular, the Believer in the street.

At the end of 1992 Neil completed the first training material, "The Prophet & His Ministry", that was used by our ministry to train Believers in a seminar format. However, as we traveled extensively locally and abroad, the lack and the demand for practically suitable and Scriptural accurate training material became more and more apparent. Material that would not, only provide head knowledge, but that would effectively equip the Believer in a very practical ministry.

So became the many seminars that we present globally today, effecting many areas in the Believer's life and ministry.