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FAQ's On Prophecy, Prophets & The Prophetic

Believe it or not many Christians today have never personally experienced the joy of having received a prophecy for their lives, nor have they been very much exposed to any prophetic ministries. There are still many who have never even seen a 'prophet', and many have completely wrong perceptions and beliefs about prophets or prophecy today.

We have put together a list of some of what we have experienced in our ministry travels and seminars, are the most frequently asked questions on this sunject. In this presentation you will learn in brief some very valuable truth's, learn them, understand them and apply them and you will be overwhelmed with the joy of od's Words in your life.

Simply click on the questioned you need the answer for and enjoy, should you require more, then ask us and we will be only too glad to help you in anyway that we can.

Please also consider to enroll in one of our Seminars to further equip you in these valable truths of God's magnificant ministry to the Body of Christ so freely given. If Home Study is your preference, then visit our Academy Home Study program that will have all and any materials that you can study to take you fruther in your relationship with God.

We are only as far away from you as you allow us to be, one click will put our entire ministry and all our staff at your disposal for any assistance in any ministry area, don't hesitate we are there for you.

Don't forget to visit our Media page where you can order many of our Prophetics 101 Booklet Series and The Prophet 101 Booklet Series that will provide you with an abundance of teaching materials and truth on every imaginable question or need that you can have in the prophetic. These mini-bookl;ets are packed with dynamic rich teachings on specific areas of the prophetic. There is also a 500page soft cover book Prophetics 101 Vol .I. that will help you step by step through the understanding of the mechanics of the prophetic ministry and the Gift of Prophecy.

Pastor Neil Kleynhans is an international apostolic-prophetic teacher and minister of over thirty years, traveling internationally; he has personally trained hundreds of Believers in the prophetic and literally given many thousands of prophecies to people and nations. Below he has provided some answers that he prays will help you through some of the basics in the prophetic. You would do well to enrol in one of his seminars, contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at to find out more. Maybe you would like to host Ps Neil and a seminar in your own local venue, if so contact us and you can book him.


“One Word from God – will change your life forever”

Is there a special way to prepare myself before a prophetic meeting ?
Always pray before coming to any meetings, focus on God and your relationship and not solely on what you want from God. He knows our hearts better than we do, there are many people who miss God’s Word because He did not answer them on what they were demanding to hear from Him, sometimes he has more important issues to speak to us about. Fasting would also be a good choice and coming with an expectant heart is good too. Don’t always listen to any negative stories about the guest speaker; Satan steals our blessings in this way, also very important to stay in a spirit of worship.
How to receive a prophet ?
(Matt 10:41) If you receive a prophet in the name of a prophet, then you will certainly receive a prophet’s reward - that is a Word (prophecy) from God. Keep your heart pure and your spirit clean in these meetings and you will be blessed. Believe me when I say that you will get the ‘most out of the host’, if you stay in a spirit of respect for his/her anointing. True prophets are very protective and zealous of the Holy Spirit (anointing) in their lives, do the same and you will go out loaded with blessing.
How to receive & respond to your prophecy ?
Your response to the person and the way that you receive the prophecy are just as critical as to the person delivering your prophecy. Never be critical or negative to the prophecy, even if it does not at first sit right with you, you feelings are not always your best friend. Prophecy can sometimes be uncomfortable; it may require sacrifice or change that will challenge us. It may be the first-off of confirmations to come and it will make us uncomfortable, even scared perhaps. But stay positive and focused, remain trusting in the Holy Spirit to lead you.
Can I ask God for a specific answer ?
Off course you can; “Ask and you shall receive”, the Old Testament records many times when people came to inquire of the Lord from the prophet of God. Obviously you need to be very careful who you go too, but there are many times when you are silently asking God for answers and He will answer you. It is not good to make a habit of seeking out prophets in particular, because you need to hear from God yourself too. But there certainly is nothing wrong in asking, for help, that’s what we are here for.
Can I ask God for an answer or something while standing in the prophetic prayer line ?
That’s the reason why you came isn’t it? God wants to talk to us every opportunity that He can get from us. He will never fail you nor forget you or neglect you, He is always ready. Just ask, but be satisfied with the answer that you get, don’t be stubborn or press in to get your answer, be patient and respectful. Some prophets will let you linger in the line, others not, respect the anointing on them and you will be blessed. Some will allow you to maybe come back for more prayer and prophecy; it depends on many things at the time.
How do I pray & meditate on my prophecy ?
You can only do this if you have; 1) Recorded every word of your prophecy, 2) Analysed it and archived as we have taught you and 3) If you are in agreement with it. Then you can work through each section or paragraph of the prophecy one at a time by; 1) First find scriptures that agree with it, 2) Pray it out aloud in faith, calling those things that are not as though they were. To meditate on you prophecy is to stare at it and digest each word separately and the collectively, slowly and quietly and bit by bit, asking questions only if you really need to, waiting for each answer patiently, continuously cross-referencing if you need to scripturally and with your other prophecies.
How do I remember what was said ?
ALWAYS carry an electronic Dictaphone / recorder with you, a good cheap one will only cost you about R500-00 ($20-00). With rechargeable batteries you will be ready at a moment’s notice to record all that is said over you. This is the best way to have it all down forever. Our ministry policy is that we will not discuss any prophecy given by us if it is not recorded. We record every single prophecy that goes out in this ministry, we file them and archive them by the many thousands and have been doing this for over twenty years now and it is a law in this ministry.
How to analyse your prophecy?
There are actually many things to watch out for in any prophecy and this is a whole teaching on its own that cannot be taught in a paragraph. To be good at this you will need to get our teaching on this subject to help you through the many aspects required, there are examples in the teaching that is critical for you in this too. There are things like seasons of prophecy, the time valleys of prophecy, the start-up time of prophecy, conditions, promises, disciplines, warnings and many other things to discern, notarize and focus on. (Ask for our teaching on this specific subject).
You need to review your prophecy with your spiritual leadership?
There are many reasons to seek out counsel from spiritual leadership or spiritual fathers, these have been given responsibility over your soul for one, they are your ‘covering’ and it is for your own protection that there is someone watching over you. Wisdom and knowledge gleaned from decades of ministry is invaluable and priceless to your spiritual growth. Secondly, you will need guidance, teaching, agreement, prayer support in the fulfilment of your prophecies. Obviously if your leadership is ‘the blind leading the blind’, you are in the wrong place in the first place and will need our spiritual oversight to guide you through, in this case we advise you that you immediately contact Neil or Bobby at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
How to archive your prophecies?
Is a precise discipline with certain things to watch out for in any prophecy and this is also a whole teaching on its own that cannot be taught in a few words. To be good at this you will need to get our teaching on this subject to help you through the many aspects required, there are examples in the teaching that is critical for you in this too. There are specific formats that you will need to adhere too, in order that you miss nothing that God says to you. (Ask for our teaching on this specific subject).
How do I get confirmation on my prophecy?
Firstly and perhaps the most important is do not rush out to the first prophet and pressure him/her to confirm your ‘Word’. Patiently allow God to do this in His time, He will never fail you and He will confirm His Word to you as many times as you will require Him to do. Secondly you must position yourself for this by; 1) Prayer, 2) Faith in God, 3) Attend prophetic gatherings or meetings as much as you can, 4) Ask others to pray for you. Remember it can come in any way that God chooses to send it, even through a donkey.
How to I obey & apply my prophecies to my life or situation?
Once you have analysed and archived your prophecy and are very confident that you completely understand all of it you need to; 1) Believe in every word of it, 2) Be extremely passionate about it, 3) Prophetically pray it every time you think about it, 4) Share it, testify it and speak it out, declaring it always. Then begin to live it out, that which you can as it unrolls in your life, making sure that YOU obey all of its conditions and meet each requirement. It must become second nature to you, it becomes your every answer to every challenge and your every dream. (Joshua 1:8)
Will my prophecy automatically be fulfilled?
No because all personal prophecies are conditional, conditional on many factors, one being your obedience to that Word, your faith in God, the conditions within that prophecy, etc. In this case just because God said that, does not mean that it will come to pass automatically you have a role to play in its fulfilment. Your prophecy for one is directly dependant on your relationship with Christ, the written Word of God and many other important disciplines and requirements, for its fulfilment, it is in fact mostly up to you. Also there may arise opposing circumstances or the enemy, that will require that you apply 1 Tim 1:18 and go to war against those opposing forces to release your prophecy, this takes dedication, discipline and most of all passion and it can only come from you.
How do I use my prophecy in my life & situation?
Paul instructed us to (1 Tim 1:18) use it fight (war) against doubt, fear, unbelief, mockers, our own minds, and for the Gospel. Your prophecy is a weapon of war, a powerful weapon, in fact the most powerful weapon of war in the entire universe. Satan fears the spoken Word of God; your prophecy is the spoken Word of God. Use it by ‘speaking’ it out into the universe, against anyone or thing that raises itself up against you or your faith, that may include your own doubting mind. Use your prophecy as a defensive and an offensive weapon. Secondly begin to also practically prepare yourself for the prophecy (ask us how) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
What do I do if the exact opposite happens to my prophecy?
Don’t allow circumstances to dictate the outcome of your prophecy - Like David, Joseph and many others then and today, ride the thing through. There are many times when the exact seems to happen to what was said to us in our prophecy, this does not mean that it is false or wrong. Read through the life of David & Joseph, to see that there are several things that can take place in our life that needs to happen in order for our prophecy to come to pass. Whatever will hinder the Word of God must be removed or dealt with, friends, family, circumstances or situations may need to be changed in order for your prophecy to be fulfilled. Do not be frightened by this, but embrace it in faith, as long as you are in proper spiritual counsel and oversight, you are perfectly safe.
How do I know if the prophecy is false?
It is extremely rare to know this at the time of the delivery; there are too many emotions and spiritual things all happening at the same time, everyone around you including you are on a spiritual ‘hype’. So only afterwards when you analyse and compare your prophecy can you reasonably discern if there is something wrong with it? Again it takes a lot of experience, knowledge and training to be able to discern this, there are some checks that you can use to help you. Most importantly you will need to learn how ‘throw the bath water out, without losing the baby’.
(Ask for our teaching on this specific subject)
Is prophecy only for confirmation?
No, this is a lie from traditional churches to steal our destiny from God in our lives and to prevent the spoken Word of God from being powerful in the Church. Abraham had no prophecy to confirm when God said, ‘Leave your country, ----“. It was the first time he ever heard that instruction, but he obeyed it without question and it worked for him and God’s Kingdom – like Abe there will obviously be a first prophecy in your life. In any case a confirmation prophecy can only be a confirmation prophecy if there is one before it to confirm. It can happen that a first-time prophecy will grip your heart so strongly that no one will be able to stop you, not even yourself.
Is my prophecy the final say and completely infallible?
‘Prophecy only declares the possibility – not the inevitable’. In itself the prophecy can have some flaws because of the human channel that it is processed through, but if you understand and apply all the checks, then you should be ok. DO NOT make any major decisions (quitting your job, moving house, towns, etc.), on any one given prophecy, but by combining the prophecy with several others, alongside the Bible (Logos) of God, coupled with much prayer, your own personal & private revelations from God and counsel, will ensure you a safe and fulfilled life in Christ. We have always taught throughout 30yrs of prophetic ministry that - ‘The harder the prophecy is to be fulfilled = the greater the depth and revelation YOU need to possess to be able to act on that Word’.
What do I do if there is anything in the prophecy that I am unsure about?
There can be as many as four different ‘seasons’ of prophecy, in our prophecy whereas each is in itself destined for a completely different time-frame in our life. So always make sure that you analyse your Word correctly, discerning which part of your prophecy is speaking to what time-frame in your life.
(Ask for our teaching on this specific subject)
Next you need to learn put the section aside that you are unsure about and need confirmation on, we call this “Shelf Prophecy’, where you shelve it like a bottle of preservatives for a later date. Don’t be afraid to do this God will not fail you and will confirm His Word in due time.
Can I go back for a second prophecy in the prayer line?
Rather allow the person prophesying to call you back if there is more for them to give you, remember that there are perhaps still many others waiting in line, also it is very disturbing to the prophet if you keep on pushing in and it can if going too far even grieve the Holy Spirit. This you should avoid at all costs.
How long will it take for my prophecy to come to pass?
‘God measures growth – not timing’, He is never in a hurry and has chartered your life’s course in front of you; He alone has ordered your steps. It will take as long as it takes for the Holy Spirit to prepare you for the prophecy. Remember that, ‘God grows you into the prophecy and not the prophecy into you’.
How do I know if I am called to be a prophet or prophetess?
There are many factors to consider here, there are some guidelines that will enable you to determine if you are called, but you would need to go through our seminar to know for sure. A few indicators are; an uncontrollable desire to prophesy, dreams & visions, are but a few. Each prophet and his/her ‘servant profile’ is both unique and personal, therefore there are no set formulas for this. You will need to connect to an apostolic-prophetic spiritual father, to ensure your prophetic entry and growth into your calling. You can contact Neil or Bobby direct for more on this at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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