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The Potter's Wheel Christian University - Home Study Program, is a unique learning design allowing you the study of the program of your choice in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Uniquely designed with you the Believer Priest in Christ in mind, the Academy has redesigned this study material to bring to you, a 'layman's' presentation, tailored expressly to equip the Believer in Christ with every ministry and spiritual need for your ministry needs.

The faculty at the Academy has endeavoured to make every avenue available to you for your personal ministry study need at the most affordable price ever - ABSOLUTELY TUITION-FREE. This is tuition-free correspondence study program, that means you get all your study materials and any required materials by the tutors of the Academy absolutely free. All your tuition by the faculty is FREE TOO.

A ONE TIME ONLY REGISTRATION FEE - is asked to cover your administration and once off postage costs, this is only to provide us with the ability to get your materials to you safely and on time. There is no hidden costs, no additional fees and you will never be asked to pay anything again, for the course that you have registered for.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION - On the completion of the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Academy recognising your successful completion of the course that you have enrolled for. The awarding of this certificate is dependant on your successful completion of the entire course materials and lessons assigned to you, including all and any assignments that you are required to complete by your tutor.

PERSONAL ONE TIME PASWORD: Once the Acadmey office has received your one time registration fee for your course, you will be notified with your 'Personal One Time Password' (POTP), that will release all your study program materials to you for your study. Please be advised that this POTP is for you ONLY and will not permit access to anyone else. Abuse of this POTP will result in the LOCKING of your access to the materials of the Academy and the forfeiting of any further rights that you may have with the Academy.

STUDENTS HANDBOOK: Please ensure that you download, save to your desktop or folder and read all the instructions of your Students Handbook of the Academy. This handbook contains all the necessary information that you will need to correctly enroll, make any registration payments, and contains all your tuition instructions. Download the Students Handbook here.

(Please visit each study program page that displays all you required information for each course that the Academy offers)

ENROLMENT FORM: Please note that each Home Study Program has its own Enrolment form which can be downloaded from the specific program ou are choosing to study.

LIVE SEMINAR PRESENTATIONS: the Academy offers live seminar presentations in the comfort of your own local situation. To view all the details for these seminars, please go to seminars and seminar registrations.

The below assignments samples are for the students guide to see the high quality of assignment material that the academy requires from all its students.