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A Prophets 'Heart" is a collection of articles and subjects that is close to this old prophets heart. Many will offend you, many will challenge you out of your comfort zone and equip you further, each one stems from over thirty years of this 'prophetic clay' in the hands of The Potter. While I cannot claim complete originality for all of the content of the subjects, they definitely flow from the many years of ministry experience, trials and mountains climbed and have much of my life in them.

The following articles are all FREE, there is no charge for any of the materials listed below, simply download each article's PDF format and enjoy.

   eagle_1  Out Of So Many, Will Come So Few - Ref Code OEW NK/02 (Download Pdf)

   eagle_1  The Breath of God - Ref Code OEW NK/03 (Download Pdf)

   eagle_1  A Prophetic People Is A Separated People - Ref Code OEW NK/04 (Download Pdf)

   eagle_1  A Prophetic People Is A Seeing People - Ref Code OEW NK/05 (Download Pdf)