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Dreams & Visions Interpretations - is an inspired study program aimed at equipping every Christian in the supernatural ministry of dreams and visions (The Picture Language Of God) and in their spiritual ability to interpret those dreams and visions.

YOU NEED TO LEARN how to receive the leading of God through the Holy Spirits inspiration through dreams and visions. Joel 2:28 reveals that the people of God will in the last days (thats right now) dream dreams and see visions. This is happening more and more in these days of the Chruch.

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BELOW is the contents of this Home Study Program, please read through the lessons list to get a feel of the spiritual depth of the course. The study program is presented in one Module and you will need to register here for the study program.

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(This home study training program is absolutely tuition free - only a small registration fee is asked to cover your administration costs

PWA/HS - 05 Dreams & Visions Interpretations - Module PWA  - 05

Lesson .1. Introduction & Basics
Lesson .2. Seeing Revelation & Prophecy
Lesson .3. The Tabernacle (the key to dreams & visions symbolic interpretations)
Lesson .4. How To Interpret Dreams & Visions
Lesson .6. Parables, Symbolisms & Numbers
Includes The Tabernacle Power Point Presentsation


Included in this study program is your very own personal over 250page Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary, listing hundreds of symbol meanings - numericals, colours, buildings, animals, nature, and many many more. All fill these hundreds of pages providing you with symbolic spiritual meanings so that you can interpret your own and others dreams effectively.