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Jezebel - "Queen Self"

Literally 'The Bride of Satan" - this principality of the kingdom of darkness is perhaps the most dangerous and the most 'powerful' and formidable enemy of the Christian today. This principality has not been fully eradicated in the main stream of Christianity. It still enjoys a great deal of freedom and even support in the Church and its tentacles and roots grow deeper and stronger by the day. Its covert operations are ignored and even strengthened by leadership, through either their ignorance or passive approach to this evil.
If you think that you have never met or confronted a Jezebel principality or believe that it does not even exist, then CONSIDER THIS;
"Your day begins with great enthusiasm, joy, peace and a feeling of being on top of the world - then you meet with a friend, boss, colleague or family member and leaving them you feel exhausted, drained perhaps even physically weak and mentally confused or disturbed, maybe even depressed and empty (zombie like). Feel intimidated or inferior by your friends, bosses, brother’s wife or other female companions that leave you weak in the knees and a sense of needing to get away fast. Ever said no to someone, only to have them react violently, rejecting you verbally, publically and bully you into submission and hear yourself agreeing, complying with, admitting your wrongness and meekly giving in to avoid any further confrontations. Know anyone who has ever tried to undermine your spouse, belittle them, demeanour their character, question their loyalty to you or your family, especially in front of leadership or other people close to you. Ever met and admired a seemingly deep spiritual person, that convinces you of some super revelation or of the need to follow their superior Christian status, even when it is against all of your inner feelings not too. Have you ever had a message delivered to you that sent your world reeling and suffocated you in a blanket of fear, fear so great that you just wanted to run and hide somewhere far away from the sender of that note. How many times have you felt the unbearable sting of betrayal from your closest confidant, your wife, friend or mother, coming at the worst of times. Ever felt yourself being dragged into condoning and voting for some belief or ideology that was against your faith and principles but not being able to say no, no matter how hard you try".
If you have experienced any of the above, then you have in all probability encountered a Jezebel principality or one of her messengers.

The 'Jezebel


Discourse' - offers you the Believer in Christ a dynamic and explosive training material in equiping you with the spiritual ability to successfully war against this ruler of darkness and destroy its works of evil in your life and the lives of those around you.

YOU CANNOT afford to disregard this evil spirit, it infiltartes every fibre and sphere of human society, starting in the family home and progressing into every area of mankinds world.

Through the lessons of this course YOU WILL LEARN TOO recognize her every characteristic, method of evil, her many evil messengers and those that eat at her table. You will see her many witchcraft parctices, the evil tools of her 'trade', how she opperates, how she infiltrates, how this principality commands the hoardes of hell. You will become a skilled warrior of Christ in the war against Jezebel, how tio recognize each of her prophets of 'Baal', and all the powers and rulers of darkness that accompany her in her fight against the Church.

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PWA/HS - 02 Jezebel - "Queen Self"Module PWA - 013

Lesson .1. Jezebel - "Queen - Self"
Lesson .2. Ahab - "The King By Permission"
Lesson .3. The Vital Union Between Ahab & Jezebel
Lesson .4. Identifying Characteristics of Jezebel
Lesson .5. Identifying Characteristics of An Ahab
Lesson .6. Discerning Manifestations of A Jezebel
Lesson .7. Discerning The Manifestations of An Ahab
Lesson .8. Jezebels' Agenda
Lesson .9. Jezebels' Table
Lesson .10. Jezebels' Children
Lesson .11. Jezebels Messengers
Lesson .12. Jezebels Prophets - The Prophets of Baal
Lesson .13. Jezebel - The Tools of Her Trade
Lesson .14. Principalities Assisting Jezebel
Lesson .15. Tolerating This Spirit
Lesson .16. Confronting & Dealing With this Spirit
Lesson .17. Prevention Is Better Than Cure
Lesson .18. The Adam & Eve Factor
Lesson .19. From Adam To Ahab & From Eve to Jezebel
Lesson .20. Woman And Authority