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If you have a testimony of how Our Father has changed your life through this ministry and how the words that you have received have come to pass, please let us know and send it through to us. We are always excited to hear how our Awesome Father has brought about His will in your lives. We look forward to hearing from you.

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"I would just like to give you a short testimony, thank you for allowing God to use you and your loved ones in such a wonderful way! When you prophesied over myself and my small son every word was basic confirmation, and the personal problems are almost a thing of the past. God has opened up doors in that area that are almost unbelievable! Thank you once again and may our Fathers love encircle you and those close to you!"

 "This whole week your messages were answering my prayer and word from God. You hit it right on the nail. I read it all to my wife this morning and the tears just rolled down her cheek as she realized, it was directly connected to us and our unique situation. Thank you for the time and effort you spend in writing them. Some people might read it as just another mail, but to me it was real."

Hi Neil
"Thank you so much for just being so close to us even when and if you are not near …, the word you gave is really on time and what he needed to hear.  Thank you for being there for him and for us all.  You bless us greatly and may the Lord break through in all your needs and bless you with the needed finances and even more than what you expect.  Hope to see you soon … Thank you for being there when we need you, we hope to return the favor and blessing."

"Remember that lunch we had? You said something like old aquaintences/friends are going to make contact etc.. A bunch of guys from SA tracked me down from school days for a reunion in July - 40 yrs back since last met or spoke - that's quite a long time ... what an amazing fulfillment about making contact with others from the past . The Lord continue to work out His will and purposes and enlarge your tents.

"You bring tears to my eyes with your sincerity and open pure heart. We thank the Lord for what He is doing in all our lives and my He bless you more abundantly in the days to come. Thank you for all your love."


Hi Neil
Thank you so much for the Word you have given me. God is so wonderful!  During this past week a miracle already happend. After I have spoken to you last week, a lot has happend.  I really prayed to God and I surrendered fully to His will concerning our home.  Within hours everything started falling into place!  Super natural things started to happen, wow!  To make a long story short, God provided us with a beautiful, small cottage style home.  What a Blessing. As far as I go I tell everyone about what God has done and I give Him all the glory!

Wow !!!
You guys means so much to us … thank you …. May the Lord bless you more than what you have blessed us now with this stunning word! This is such revelation on some of the things we are busy with at the moment and we have so much faith in our Father and I was busy with David this whole weekend and it felt like we were playing the scene or role…Thank you Neil … we love you and Avril dearly … you inspire me to be more than what I thought I could be and Charl too!

Dearest Neil
Thank you  sooo much for remembering me! The word is absolutely spot on! I praise God for His faithfulness – I have been under such an attack – uexplainable! I see your prosperity in the ministry – glory to God! Keep running brother!


       Neil & Avril